India is the world’s 2nd largest yielder of onion and garlic in the world. There are tremendous possibilities in the dehydrated food & spices industry and the Indian market is very opportunistic for dehydrated onion, garlic exporter and dehydrated vegetable exporter. Today we export in many countries that are poised to enhance our presence in many other markets. After research and study, we believe that by executing an organized system and channel with the association of the dehydrated onion and dehydrated garlic producer, we can do much better in this profession to serve our customer perfectly by being a trusted dehydrated exporter of onion, garlic and vegetables and remaining transparent in our service. We export in Germany, UK, Australia, Dubai, Malaysia, South Africa, USA and many more.

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Lawish Foods: The World's Largest Exporter of Dried Products

Vegetables and Fruits drying is a mechanism people use to preserve the Dried Products. The process involves removal of all the water present in the vegetables and fruits through evaporators, or with the use of electric food driers and food freezers. In ancient time the vegetables and fruits were dried under the sunlight, home ovens and by use of salt but with the evolution of technology, more advanced methods are now being used to do the operations. The production and exportation of dried vegetables have been on the increased in current years due to the growing demands. The exportation of these dried vegetables is for both traditional plant and exotic vegetables growing in a country.

Top Exporters of Dried Products

China, America, Germany is considered to be top exporter of dried vegetables and fruits in the world. The country exports a variety of vegetables, which include mushrooms, bean sprouts, green beans, and watercress among others. The country makes a total of 3.23 billion dollars annually from its sales of dried vegetables. The country exports vegetables like broccoli, green beans, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, and cauliflowers to other nations. China, America, Germany are the top countries engaged in exporting the dried products. India is the fourth largest country engaged in exporting the huge range dried products. The evolution of using dried foods is saving humankind from many diseases that come from spoilt grains and fruits. If people can continue producing and supplying dried foods to nations that are not capable of creating their own, then the problem of food security in the world will have been dealt with.

The World's Largest Dried Vegetable Exporters

Rank Country Export Value
1 China 3.23 Billion
2 United States 221 Million
3 Germany 193 Million
4 India 153 Million
5 The Netherlands 150 Million

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