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Spices are one of the most essential ingredients in Indian dishes. Lawish Food is engaged in offering all types of Indian Spices that popular across the world for their exclusive flavor, aroma, and beautiful texture. Thus, the export of spices from India has increased significantly. We, at Lawish Foods, consider that Indian culture and our exclusive spices in India should reach each corner of the world. Lawish is one of the foremost exporters engaged in the export of Indian spices. We, being whole spice exporters, export frequent spices including turmeric, ginger, Star anise, Cinnamon, Asafoetida, Nutmeg, cumin, black pepper, and many more. If you are looking for Indian spices exporters in India, we are here to serve you!

Indian Spices Exporter from Jamnagar

Manufacturer and Exporter of Spices in India

Having years of long endeavours in the field of Indian Spices Manufacturer in India. Lawish Foods aimed at reaching international business types. We are recognized as one of the main Indian spices manufacturer in India. We are even leading and most demanded brand in India as well as across the globe for offering the wide range of Spices and prominent exporter of spices in India. Our offered Indian Spices are procured from the highest standard quality spices growing areas. Indian Spices are refined and ground under hygienic condition. While manufacturing the Spices in India the processing includes cool filing to prevent the escape of volatile oils from spices, pure spices that are mixed in traditional and suitable ratio packing is designed to retain the freshness of spices. We make assured that the variety is as per the industrial standards. For the advantage of customers, we concern an invoice to them including particulars of the business. Furthermore, we preserve transparency in our payment method and dealings.

Turmeric Powder Exporters in India

We are one of the leading Turmeric Powder exporters in India, as Turmeric is one of the most revered and celebrated spices in the Indian subcontinent. The turmeric finger is the purest and natural form of turmeric and is used in medicines, food and dyeing processes. Turmeric is bright yellow chemical and an anti-cancer agent with numerous other powerful health benefits is found in Turmeric in varying quantities. Turmeric has been known throughout the world as a seasoning that renders colour and taste to food. The flavour of turmeric powder is slightly peppery giving a warm sensation in the mouth. Turmeric powder is used against irritation, as an antiseptic, strengthens bones, and reduces skin pigmentation and stretch marks.

Red Chilli Powder Exporters

Red Chilli Powder Exporter India, Red Chilli Powder Manufacturer India, Red Chilli powder Suppliers India

Lawish Foods is leading Red Chilli Powder Manufacturers and exporters of all forms of Chillies such as red chillies and dried chillies and also Red Chilli Powder. The offered range of Red Chilli Powder is an inevitable spice of most of the Indian dishes. In Indian cooking for spicy food preparation red chilli powder is used for a bright red color and hot, tongue tingling flavor. We export quality red chilli powder across the world in all quantities and also supply on container basis as per the customer requirements. We are using the raw red chillies from selected species and authentic sources, to maintain the consistent levels of hotness. To get the authentic flavor and experience, buy red chilli powder from us and feel the difference. We are one of the finest red chilli powder manufacturer in India, and also the best chilli powder exporter in India.

Clove Exporters in India

Lawish Foods, one of the most recommended Indian spices exporters in India, has a strong experience in the food industry. We are leading Clove Exporters in India as being one of the renowned Indian Spices exporters having connections across the globe.

Indian spices Cloves, is one hand that is valued for their pleasant aroma and flavor that they add to the food and on other hand, it is appreciated for their priceless oral health benefits. These grow as reddish small flower buds on the trees of Myrtaceae family. These cloves trees grow 8 to 10 meters tall and it gains almost six long years for them to start flowering. The cluster is hand plucked and the fully developed buds are sun dried. The unopened buds, leaves and stalks are used in preparation of clove essential oil that has invaluable medicinal properties.

Clove Exporters in India

Cardamom Exporter in India

Lawish Foods – Cardamom Exporter in India. The offered cardamom is widely used spice in Asian continent for its renowned flavor and aroma.  Cardamom an intensively aromatic and resinous fragrance is also referred to as “Queen of Spices”. The dried fruit of aherbaceous perennial, green cardamom is grown mainly in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, on the shady slopes of the Western Ghats. The cardamoms shall be the dried capsules of Ellettaria Cardamomum grown in South India; capsules being three-cornered and having a ribbed appearance. We are one of the most suggested cardamom supplier in India, has a strong experience in the food industry, and we can get the best buyers for your products. Being one of the prominent exporter of Indian Spices we have connections across the globe.

Cardamom Exporter in India

Black Pepper Exporters in India

We are engaged in exporting huge range of Black Pepper which is called the king of the spices. It is a persistent hedge plant grown in South India. It is well-known for its medicinal properties. It is eaten in crushed as well as kernel form. The use of black pepper lowers cholesterol level and reduces muscular pain. It increases blood circulation and is an excellent source of manganese, iron, vitamin K and dietary fiber. We export whole, crushed peppercorns. We also supply pepper which is ground into powder. Our varieties of different types of Indian Spices are fresh, of best possible quality powder all along with all types of solid seed spices. Our highly experienced staffs guarantee delivering matchless industry standard product at reasonable prices.

Black Pepper Exporters in India

Exporter of Cumin Seeds

We are recognized as prominent exporter of Cumin Seeds in India. We have developed a standing for ourselves over the years and are recognized in the global market. Cumin is a seed spice familiar for its medicinal properties in India and many other Asian Countries. Cumin seeds are used as a spice used to season all the aromatic dishes. Cumin seeds are a lot more than its tasty aroma and taste – it is a magnificent therapy for stomach aches and works as a natural laxative. Gujarat and Rajasthan are the major manufacturer of Cumin Seed in India. Being prominent Cumin Seeds Exporters, Manufacturers and Suppliers in India, we believe in achieving maximum customer satisfaction through constant efforts and dedication.

Exporter of Cumin Seeds in India

Coriander Powder Manufacturers in India

Fresh Coriander Seeds has abundance of advantage and uses. They are accessible at high flattering prices with leading Coriander Powder Manufacturers in India. They are good to add fresh and different flavors to food with wonderful nutritional value and mineral content. It is extensively considered as flavoring agent in food industry and appropriate to add pleasing aroma and flavor to food items. Coriander seeds have medicinal benefits too for boosting up your overall health and stamina level. It has magnificent tendency for treating gastric and intestinal pain. Coriander seeds are easily available and used in almost every dish for good flavor and color.

Coriander Powder Manufacturers in India

Mustard Seeds Exporters in India

We are Mustard Seeds Exporters in India with best quality range of product. India is considered to be heaven of exports spices and has attracted countries of the globe for centuries. Mustard seeds are the small round seeds of various mustard plants. It is also engaged in cultivation and procurement of mustard seed directly from the farmers which give the assurance of best quality. Mustard Seeds is a versatile oil seed, it is used in umpteen numbers of ways, and the mustard oil seeds can be crushed to form a paste that is mixed with water to form condiment. Our products are sourced from consistent vendors and deliver in terms of freshness, purity and are harmless for consumption.

Mustard Seeds Exporters in India

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